Issues in Our Community

Our State is at a crossroads. We have an opportunity to make lasting, meaningful changes that will give our children a future where they will live and thrive in a more just and equitable society. It is at these times that we need strong, determined leadership. Senator Malloy has consistently established himself as a leader who is willing to work for bipartisan solutions to our problems, while not sacrificing the principals that define him.


Looking ahead, Senator Malloy will continue to be a champion of criminal justice reform, education reform, healthcare, and voting rights. 

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

– Margaret J. Wheatley

Issues in Our Community

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Criminal Justice Reform

Senator Malloy Has Been A Tireless Champion of Criminal Justice Reform. The changes to the criminal justice system that Senator Malloy championed have saved - and will continue to save - the State millions of dollars. More importantly, the sentencing reform laws have given offenders - particularly young men of color - a chance to correct the error of their ways without crippling them with the ‘felon’ label that weighs them down for the rest of their lives. Through Senator Malloy’s leadership we now require body cameras in order to record police interactions so that the police can be held accountable when they cross the line, and as well as to protect the police from unfair allegations of misconduct. Senator Malloy firmly believes that everyone accused of having committed a criminal act should have access to a good lawyer. Senator Malloy authored the law that established a statewide unified indigent defense system to provide effective assistance of counsel to indigent criminal defendants throughout the State. Senator Malloy knows that young people make bad decisions and because they are young they don’t fully understand the consequences of their actions. As such, he was instrumental in passing the Raise the Age law.


Next year, Senator Malloy will continue his work in criminal justice reform by: Again introducing legislation to close the ‘Charleston Loophole’ so that criminals like Dylan Roof can never get a gun to carry out their evil intentions. Addressing the ongoing problem of police brutality by introducing legislation to curb police excesses while still allowing the police to perform their necessary function in society. We need police. However, we can no longer accept police practices that unfairly target, harass, and kill people of color. Reforming the juvenile justice system in South Carolina so that youthful offenders are given the help that they need so that they can be productive members of society that lead fulfilling lives. Enacting a ‘Hate Crimes’ bill to punish acts motivated by racism and other forms of bigotry. Securing funding to ensure that Body Cameras are fully funded and universally used throughout South Carolina.

Teacher with Pupils

Senator Malloy knows that educating our children is the single most important thing that we undertake. Senator Malloy knows that the fight to improve our public schools has to continue. He will again be at the forefront of the charge to remake our schools into safe, enriching learning environments so that all of our children will have access to a high quality education no matter what zip code or neighborhood that they come from.


During the upcoming education debate Senator Malloy will be focused on: Expanding the Read to Succeed program so that all children have access, and making sure that the program is fully funded. Improving teacher pay so that we can recruit and retain more qualified teachers - particularly in rural areas. Allowing school districts to move to a ‘year round’ school calendar so that children can better retain what they learn from school year to school year. Expanding broadband access to every corner of the State. Too many of our children, particularly those in rural areas - do not have access to broadband. Those children deserve the same educational opportunities as all other children and broadband access is a key component to giving them equal scholastic opportunities.


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Voter Suppression

The right to vote is among the most sacred rights that people in the country have fought and died to protect and preserve.


Senator Malloy stood firmly with the late-Senator Clementa Pinckney to oppose the State’s Voter ID that they felt would hinder some of South Carolina's citizens from exercising their right to vote. This summer, Senator Malloy negotiated a compromise with his Republican colleagues that allowed for expanded absentee voting during the State’s June primaries in light of the challenges presented by COVID-19.


Senator Malloy will continue to fight to protect the right to vote by :
Renewing efforts to ensure that absentee ballots are available to everyone for the upcoming general election when the Senate is back in session in September. Championing a transparent redistricting process that is focused on what is best for our citizenry rather than what is best for power politicians in Columbia. Senator Malloy understands that how those districts are configured can have the same effect as voter suppression.

Covid 19

Senator Malloy has been a leader in trying to carve out a reasonable, safe path forward from COVID-19 for our state governor McMaster appointed Senator Malloy to serve on accelerateSC, Senator Malloy also serves on ReopenSC - a committee comprised of Senators who have sought to come up with legislation to implement the accelerateSC recommendations. His leadership on both of these committees will be vital to expanding broadband throughout the state to underserved communities, expanding Medicaid to provide medical care to our less fortunate neighbors, and compensating our front-line workers stricken with COVID-19 while working to keep our State afloat during the pandemic.


The COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed gaping holes in our state’s public health system one of the most troubling things that have come to light is the disproportionate effect the pandemic has had on people of color. The best way to address this disparity is for South Carolina to finally expand Medicaid coverage. Senator Malloy has known for a long time - that expanding Medicaid saves lives today and saves money in the long run - is an inescapable truth that opponents of expansion can no longer ignore.

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Probate Code

Senator Malloy Led A Bipartisan Effort To Reform Our Probate Code. Having to work through a complex, antiquated probate process to settle our loved ones affairs was another source of stress that many people had a difficult time managing. Senator Malloy led a bipartisan effort to make reform our probate code to make it less burdensome on grieving families. Through his efforts South Carolina has a modern probate system that is a model for other States.

Defribillator Instructions

Senator Malloy Led The Fight For Defibrillator Instruction In High Schools Through Senator Malloy’s leadership high school students are now required to receive instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).